Taps and fittings

How many steps to produce an item!
We often tend to consider any item as a single piece. Actually, each item has been worked by several hands that realized the different parts of the object.

The importance of precision components for electrical appliances.
Take, for instance, a washing machine: an industry produces the engine, another one the drain pump, another one the condenser and the transmission belt, and so on. Any component is important and without it the machine could not work properly or work at all.

Copra is a leader company in precision component manufacturing
Behind the correct operation of an appliance or of a simple tap, there are, invisible as they can be, technology,  experience and competence. An example of this is Copra: in the beginning the main business was industrial valves and tap and fitting components manufacturing, later on the company widened its business area, focusing on electrical appliances, prosthetic, automotive components. Copra can also satisfy any kind of order.

Steel and other materials precision components
The company utilizes the best and most precise machinery available The client provides Copra with the drawings, every detail, including the material, is arranged with the technical office. Copra has been using every kind of metal: stainless steel, copper, aluminium, titanium, brass and bronze.

What's behind a simple tap? Copra has the answer.



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