In the first years of the business, Copra mainly focused on brass precision components manufacturing for valves and tap and fittings industry. Later on, Copra evolved to adjust to fulfill the new needs of its customers. Copra adapted its traditional brass manufacturing processes to the new stainless steel scenario, that brought new technical, environmental and commercial requirements. Copra acquired new clients operating in new, different fields thanks to its ability to work with a wide range of materials (bronze, titanium, aluminium, plastic etc.)


Copra is experience

"over thirty years serving our clients"

Copra smoothly moved from the traditional mechanics to the CNC machine technology, thanks to the new generation staff led by an experienced and skilled team. Thanks to over 30 years of experience, Copra always guarantees professional results.



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      Frazione Failungo, 59 - 13020 Pila (VC)
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      Tel (+39) 0163 71530
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    • Index e Mori Seiki.
      CNC lathe machines
    • Sandvik
      Turning and milling tools
    • DMG.
      CNC lathe machines and sliding head machine
    • Mitsubishi
      Turning and milling tools
    • Tajmac.
      Multi-spindle CNC lathe machines
    • Paul Horn.
      Turning and milling tools

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