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Copra s.n.c. was founded  in 1978 and in over 35 years it has specialized in manufacturing of precision mechanical components.
Our experience and the versatility of our machinery allow us to manufacture different types of production and to explore new opportunities.
Since 1993, when we purchased our first CNC lathe machine, we have been investing in the very latest technology and we have focused on the development of our team.
Our young, highly skilled and specialized staff brings continuous  innovation and a brand new perspective on traditional mechanical manufacturing.
Thanks to our attitude to innovation and continuous development , we are able to manufacture  traditional as well as more complex components.

The high technological level achieved  by our production department allow us to answer any request. Our team, using precise testing and inspection methods on the product ad its purpose, will provide the customer with the best and more  affordable solution. Copra offers a wide range of productions: from small quantities of complex components to very  large series, in almost any material. During the last 10 years we have acquired an ever greater experience in manufacturing complex problematic materials. Our recent production concerns, more and more often, stainless steel and titanium.

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Our quality certification, obtained in 1999, allowed an efficient system, able to constantly supervise the manufacturing process and promptly implement improvement actions.

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Copra is a family business, coming from the past generation and leading to the next ones: Copra roots in the tradition and in the experience, focusing on technological innovation and continuous development.


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    "We are willing to develop together with our customers, the development of new production processes and machinery by investing in state-of-the-art".



    "Our machinery allows the machining of the toughest materials while maintaining high performance"



    "With over thirty years of experience, Copra is a guarantee of a result always professional.".



    "The skilled hands of our technicians, combined with the precision of numerical control machines ensure a flawless product."


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